Sunday, September 22, 2002

finally found fellow music snob w/ whom i can attend concerts. very amusing, since i thought he was the most stuck up guy in the department (which is actually still probably true, but hey, at least he's a stuck up guy w/ good taste). looks i am going to nyc for halloween to check out calexico, blonde redhead, and enon.

went to a crazy party last night. i felt like i was back at a college keg party, except that i didn't know any of the people and there was less puking (from what i could tell, but the night was still relatively young when i left). the theme was "heaven and hell". apparently, you had to perform sinful acts to make it upstairs to heaven, but i don't think anyone was paying attention by the time my group arrived. met a german guy named jorg who had one a t-shirt that read "which part of 'thou shalt not do you not understand'--god which he purchased @ a christian shop in clevland, accessorized with an upside-down cross necklace (i guess he was going for the hellish look). we started talking about the war in iraq. no one called me a republican.


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