Sunday, March 02, 2003

in case you missed your latest issue of AWAKE!

here are some of the articles from a publication the jehovah's witnesses gave me yesterday.

The Mystery of Cahokia (ancient native american city near St. Louis, MO)
Are Your Shoes Really Comfortable? (how to tell if your shoes fit)
The Lonely "Lady" of the Bosporus (go look at this tower if you're ever near turkey)

man, i think i'm ready to convert!

minimal booty dancing @ the winter ball

but there sure was a lot of chocolate. the graduate school purchased @ least $300 worth in cakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and canolis. plus, we got to get all dolled up and kick up our heels to (occasionally good) dance music. jessica and i decided that it was really strange to be sipping wine and eating fancy deserts at the yale lawn club when there's a strike starting on monday. of course, everything seems a bit wierd with the strike starting.


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