Wednesday, October 08, 2003

so, arnold...won?

here's what i don't get with this recall thing. 45.6% voted not to recall davis, so wouldn't that be voting for him? and of the recalled votes, arnold got 47.9%, which is 26.1% of all votes cast. plus, if you add up the davis (no recall) and busamante votes, which seem pretty much like voting for the current regime, you have 63.2% of all the votes cast, which is a whole lot more than arnold. could anyone explain how this is "deep disatisfaction" and "emphatic end to an extraordinary campaign".

i will now have nightmares about arnold's run as president of a post-apocalyptic world indemolition man, where the rebels were forced to live in the sewers and scavange for food.

update: oops, i didn't realize that people could vote both for/against the recall and for another candidate.


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