Saturday, March 29, 2003

the evolution of protest

Peace is both patriotic and mainstream declare some of the newer organizations on the anti-war scene. While I am not a big fan of media propaganda campaigns, it is nice to see the left beggining to use some of the media saavy techniques that have allowed for the mainstreaming of ideas from the right.

For weeks, public relations firms have sent news organizations daily suggestions for interviews and "great visuals" that feature protesters. Groups practicing civil disobedience make sure their designated publicity person avoids arrest, to remain available to television cameras. One organization even "embedded" reporters among protesters the way the Pentagon did with its troops.

"The great lesson from Madison Avenue is repetition," Ms. Cagan said. "If you get the same message out in different ways, you begin to break into people's consciousness."

As we can tell from the success of conservative pundits and organizations on tv, this stuff apparently works. Maybe in a decade we'll all be getting into the spirit.


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