Thursday, March 27, 2003

favorite sound: scissors cutting

from an interview with cat power.

Pitchfork: What goes through your mind when you perform?

Chan: "Did I write that down? Did my mom really do that that day? Oh I remember that song, that bird. I feel kinda sick. Oh, that person, that's a beautiful woman. My fingers are sweating." I mean like it never ends. There's no way it that there could be a set formula for [sarcastically] "a great show every time!" You know you'd have to be a heroin addict for it to be one set thing all of the time. Or you'd have to be so braindead or so rehearsed and so theatric. Produced? You'd have to either be really directed and produced, or completely braindead to have consistent...

Pitchfork: Premeditated?

Chan: Maybe. I don't know. I'm not actually talking about myself. Like [signaling at the photographer] she's taking a picture of me right now. Maybe she's only thinking about the lighting, or maybe she's thinking, "What is that fucking bitch talking about?" and, "This guy's kind of cute. Are they drinking tea? My back itches." You know what I mean? I mean when Jon Spencer or John Lee Hooker or anyone does what they do. Aretha Franklin or anybody... you know what I mean?

Like Mariah Carey, is she only thinking [mocks her melodramatic melisma and does a screeching vocal scale]. Is that all she thinks? Or does she think, "My sister has AIDS, I've been raped by my dad, I've been so manipulated, I can't see straight, I'm on anti-depressants, I've got so much money, I don't know who to trust"? Are those things going through her mind? All those projections are so...[trails off]


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