Sunday, March 23, 2003

my parents' vacation

this weekend the folks went to st.simons for the annual show of homes (a go see the houses of rich people in which you will never live kind of thing). bustling with excitement they imparted the following information to me:

1. they went to see a movie (Chicago) by themselves. neither could remember the last time they've done this.

2. they met some artist who they want me to talk to when we go back in august.

3. my dad saw the first DC3 delta ever built (i think he had a tear in his eye). apparently delta sold it in the sixties and recently bought it back and restored it to factory condition. it normally sits in the delta museum (complete with LIFE magazines from the 40s and vintage luggage) but the pilots were test driving the recently installed engine.

4. my mom sat by the pool (but not in the sun). she said it was nice that they went without the other couples (usually 3 tag along every year) b/c they didn't have to consult with anyone else about group plans.

in other family news

apparently one of my relatives is up for an oscar in the documentary category. be on the lookout if you tune in tonight.


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