Thursday, May 15, 2003

mcplunk returns

well, new cable modem is a go, so now i can return to the land of the internet saavy. was it wrong to fear for the safety of my laptop while watching the cable guys huddled around it, trying to install software and periodically going, huh? wanted to jump and tell them to sit back and have a coffee while i got everything in order. maybe then i could have gotten a refund on the $23 installation fee.

i love bruce springsteen.

my housewarming party on monday was lovely. people brought me plants and wine and said nice things about my decorating. i should have parties more often. this will probably be easier now that i don't have stodgy roommate to contend with. must return to the house of bad karma today for a final cleaning. it is funny how you don't realize how unhappy you are in a place until you have to return. it gives me the chills.

update: here's a visual for those of you who're interested. for the record, those beers are not all mine

after seeing punkish (as punkish as grad students can be) eighties cover band perform their version of toto's africa last night, am putting a pleading request for transmatique to do their own next week.


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