Monday, August 25, 2003

the bachelorette takes manhatten

my friend beth's bachelorette party was very entertaining. we ate at caravan of dreams, a vegetarian, organic, kosher restraunt in the east village. all of us had our very first sip of kosher sangria. after that it was a night of "dancing" at webster hall. it was like watching a national geographic episode on the mating rituals of Homo sapiens, in particular the North American male. us five ladies would be dancing in a tight circle and suddenly, twenty pairs of beady, glazed eyes and over-friendly hands would surround us. a fight almost broke out at one point as we tried to defend our womanhood from the marauding bands of lust-driven men. as we drove back to the hotel, yet another NAHSM whistled and tootled his horn at us as we paused at one of nyc's many traffic lights. flustered by yet another onslaught of male hormonage, we almost drove off the road.


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