Saturday, October 18, 2003

Those crazy amish!

when they turn 16, amish kids enter rumspringa or "running around", a period where they drink, have sex, and go to wal-mart, before deciding whether or not to join the amish church. after watching the intriguing documentary devil's playground, i came up with a couple of reality show ideas that could work.

Amish Life- sometimes Amish teens move out of their parents houses during rumspringa, so they can play video games and smoke crack without adult supervision. In Amish Life we would throw together a bunch of Amish kids under one roof sans parents and record what happens.

Road Rules: Life of the Amish- Amish teenagers can drive during rumspringa! You could have the traditional kids in the horse and buggy and the "English" kids in their gas-guzzling automobile. A mix of traditional (building houses, milking cows) and "English" (shopping sprees at the mall, bungee jumping) tasks could be performed in Amish communities around the country.

The Amish Bachelor- The Amish typically get married young and have lots of kids. You get the idea.


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