Saturday, October 11, 2003

so, maybe i'm not on the investment committee after all

today i received the following e-mail:

The GSA Chair (copied here) asked me to let you know that it is not the GSA to make nominations for the Investor Relations Committee. This is a regrettable misunderstanding, the GSA has no fault in it (we were given the wrong list).

this is three weeks after my alleged victory. all doubts of student government incompetency have throughly been erased from my mind.

apparently, the organization that actually holds elections for this position is the gpss. now i always thought of the gpss as the "social arm" of the student government. they run the grad student bar, give out money to needy student groups, sponser a ski trip, and have members who think a "grad student spirit week" is a great idea.

the gpss on the single great accomplishment of graduate student government:

Student Advocacy: The Dental Plan was discussed and why the enrollment figures have been so small. Randy will follow-up on this. Meanwhile, it was mentioned that the
senators ask their constituents as to why they are not signing up.

do any of these student government types realize that the dental plan they finally squeezed out of the administration SUCKS? who wants to pay some outsourced company over $200 bucks to get ~80% (in some cases, only 50%) coverage up to $600?


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