Sunday, December 28, 2003

AFA may just want your e-mail address?

for those of you who signed the recent gay marriage poll sponsored by the American Family Association, something to keep in mind...

The AFA and e-mail addresses: A reader's e-mail reminded me to say something about the American Family Association poll that's pretty obvious but still worth noting: The poll will get the AFA a large list of e-mail addresses, many of which are likely to be valid, and some of which come from people who have expressed support for an AFA cause (by voting against gay marriages). It might be that the AFA is primarily trying to harvest the addresses just to beef up their mailing list, and doesn't care which way the poll comes out.

I suspect that if the AFA had gotten a 95%-5% result in its favor, it would have trumpeted it; that's what the page says, after all: "Results of this poll will be presented to Congress." (Incidentally, it would be interesting to see whether AFA now will present the results of the poll to Congress -- and, if it doesn't, it seems fair for anti-AFA groups to publicize AFA's failure to abide by their own stated intentions.) But perhaps they figure that even if the anti-gay-marriage percentage comes in embarrassingly low for them, having the extra e-mail addresses will be worth it.

from the volokh conspiracy


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