Sunday, December 21, 2003

where have all the jobs gone?

well, a lot of them have apparently been outsourced to india.

like the manufacturing jobs before them, more US companies are moving their service industry and white-collar jobs to more lucrative offshore locations. while it's great that engineering jobs are aiding the creation of a middle class in india, the loss of these jobs in the US is really problematic (and i don't think it's an americans hate math and science issue).

when venture capitalists like Ravi Chiruvolu talk about the need for new "skill sets" and "moving up the value chain" you have to wonder how high we can go. to the point where all of the americans are trained as managers but can only find service jobs at the mall? i guess this tendancy to shuffle jobs globally wouldn't be so much of a problem if a strong social safety net was in place where those jobs are being destroyed. what will happen when the labor costs in india rise and us companies fire those folks and race to some other country?


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