Tuesday, February 17, 2004

live from mcplunk’s it’s … ANTM

with guest bloggers, elissa & heather

Catie is still having doubts that Tyra “I may be a bitch, but at least I’m a supermodel” banks likes her. Camille is worried about her puffy lips, April is worried about her lack of personality. She’s such an ice queen. Mercedes “I have lupus but I will survive” is still going strong.

Uh oh. The models have to act! If being a supermodel means that I would have to hang out with people like Tyra, count me out. The papers come out, it’s time for some self-reflection. April is maybe not such an ice queen. It’s DRAMA THERAPY! Or a really bad role play. Clearly, these women need to get out of the house. Camille is definitely not feeling it.

Yoanna: no personality. Top3? Is Sarah boring or not? April – can she overcome the “ice queen” persona? How much is the clever editing getting in the way?

It’s SOAP OPERA time! Shandi has been watching As the World Turns since she was a small child. If I was her boyfriend, I would be worried. Wow, that was a lot of tongue!

Commercials -- how do they fit 70% more mentos in the new box? I’m not convinced…
Requisite “do you want to be a model?” commercial… tempting.

Back at the Lamb’s. how are we supposed to know that’s an acting studio? Camille gets the Shaft from the acting coach and April wins. Who saw this coming after last week’s stiff performance? Who can forget the “make up line incident”. Shocker. Now she gets to go to one of the top jewelry stores (no doubt Tyra has shopped there, too). Catie gets to go with her. After all of her whining? Ugh. But April’s rationale: Catie is eighteen, and when she’s around he she also feels like she’s eighteen. And that’s a good thing.
Cut to Camille trying to convince herself that she could be a good actress if she wanted to…..yeeeeah.

Tomorrow – TyraMail alerts us that the models will have to fight to see who will be ANTM. Ohh! Rollitos! The premise: fight like there’s only one bag of chips.
The consensus is that it’s time for catie to go – there’s no way she will make it through this.
MATRIX time!!! Camille is awful – needs to work on her “diction”. But she thinks she did well (but, heheheh, we know better).

The crab rangoons are awesome… We’re here pigging out watching these skinny models compete. Tyra needs acting classes to make this final scene more interesting. Camille’s acting was aweful!! I hope they show her first. Here comes the individual evaluations… Rachel/Catie is such a baby. Yoanna just mooned the panel of judges. They loved it. Catie’s gonna get the axe… Or will it be Camille? Here comes Tyra with the final decision. Catie and Camille are the last two standing… Catie’s going home. Camille returns to the house to provide the high drama we’ve all become accustomed to in this show. Please let Camille be the one eliminated next week.


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