Sunday, March 21, 2004

not for the conflict adverse

oh my god. i just flipped on the tv and it's a NEW episode of high school reunion. the (selected members of the) class of 1993 from some high school in texas stuck together on an island in hawaii for 2 weeks.

some girls came to confront this jock guy about how they were all dating him at the same time. of course his ex-wife who they claim faked a pregnancy to marry him is also at the reunion. this is going to be ugly.

denise (the ex-wife) and gabe (the ex-husband) are off having sex, while the ex-girlfriends are waiting at the "reunion compound". everyone (i.e. the popular kids & the ex-girlfriends) are trying to explain the situation and get everyone to pick sides, while awaiting gabe and denise's return.

what the hell is wrong with these people. this drama all happened a decade ago, get over it already.

ooh, lenny the geek isn't wearing a shirt!

johnny the quarterback dumped his prom queen girlfriend a decade ago. now he wants her back. why do all these folks expect that their classmates lives will suddenly stop for them a decade later?

ooh, now the gay guy is letting all of the people from round rock know that it's ok to like men, even in high school. maybe they can take this message back to their kids.

louann (denise the ex-wife's cheerleader friend) is TOTALLY bitching out the ex-girlfriend's about wanting to confront gabe about the past as his marriage crumbles around him. and she was probably one of those people in highschool who everyone wanted to be. just call her heather #4 already.

louann is shocked that things "aren't the same as in high school". she loved high school. loved it. i don't know sweetheart. the drama seems to be pretty dead-on.

i can't believe alabama beat standford at the NCAAs. my grandad is beside himself.

all of the girls are drooling over the last member of the reunion. it's trevor. the ugly dorky guy, who now looks like a model. it's amazing how much nicer everyone is to you when you're hott. and he knows it.

heather f (ex-girlfriend #1) thinks denise is "a silent threat". what can you resolve? the most you can get is for this guy to say, "i'm sorry i was young and lame. see ya."

ooh, fishes and turtles! i am definitely moving to hawaii. maybe i would be on a reality show if i could live in hawaii for two weeks and get a tan.

oh my god, this class clown guy is so annoying. booger jokes are so junior high, not high school. get with the program, dude. the hott model guy is very unsubtly looking to get laid. unfortunately, he doesn't seem to have much of a personality. "i'll trade the flowers in your hair for my swanky cowboy hat". that line never works. remember it's about the chaps. and you aren't wearing any.

johnny is about to reveal his true feelings to louann. he is considerably more attractive than her current boyfriend. oh, she totally called him on why he's at the reunion. and she says, "you're insane". nope, she says. "i respect you. and you have become a wonderful person". yuck. although, i will say that these two seem to be the most mature of the bunch.

this heather chick is so setting herself up for a fall. "does he love me? did he ever?" dude, the guy like totally cheated on you in high school. do you have no self respect?

signing off until next time...


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