Saturday, April 17, 2004

can a saturday morning be anymore exciting?

i wake up at 8 AM to the sound of the fire alarm. after a quick peek around the apartment, i realize it is not my fire alarm that is causing the racket. i spend another few minutes deciding if this means i should leave the building. luckily, all of the fire safety training i received in elementary school paid off. i checked the doorknob. i was ready to stop, drop, and roll.

all of my neighbors gathered outside. some chick on the first floor had a dish towel that fell behind the stove and caught on fire. no big deal. there were tons of uniformed firemen running across our lawn.

i realized that, after living here almost a year, i still don't know most of my neighbors. so, i met a couple of them. i also discovered that we all have cats. and pilot lights that don't work.


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