Thursday, May 27, 2004

A Note to the Hallmark Card Writer(s)

Dear Hallmark Card Writer(s)-

I know I should expect you guys to be cheesy. I'll admit it- I cried during that commercial where the girl ran away from home and called her parents collect- hmm, in second thought maybe that was AT&T. Well, I'm sure you guys have a nice card for that situation too.

But, let's be serious. Your "A New Baby in the Family" cards really suck. "A Little Joy to All, A Little Hand to Hold?" "May you child be cradled in love, surrounded by warmth, and blessed with happiness?" I hope that you were drunk and watching the last 15 minutes of too many Lifetime episodes while coming up with these. I finally had to settle on the card in Spanish, since I figured cheese in another language would be slightly less vomit-inducing. You know, like how Spanish language soap operas always seem better than their American counterparts.



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