Sunday, September 19, 2004

Eastern Connecticut's Main Attraction, and I don't mean the East Haddem Fair

My friend Brian always has the craziest ideas for weekend entertainment. This time it was a trip up to Gillette Castle. We found out that the castle was built by some guy who performed as Sherlock Holmes on stage (but not on screen), of no relation to the razor barons.

Our man Will Gillette was quite an eccentric. He kept a Japanese houseboy who "visited" him at midnight every night. He also maintained a large cat population on his CT estate.

While at the castle visitors center, I had the opportunity to use a new kind of toilet. Picture an average rest stop toilet. Now picture one that just has a neverending hole. My TP fell down into nothingness. No water, no flushing. I would exclaim "A Modern Miracle!", but I saw the same thing at a boxing match in Thailand, only they just had the hole, not a fancy sign that said "recycling toilet". I guess if you dig a deep enough hole, your shit isn't going to stink.


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