Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Radio Demographics

WYBC is WAY different than my beloved WUOG (they have a commercial FM signal (94.3) and a "college radio" AM signal (1340)). I fondly remember when Crews told be I couldn't play old Blink 182 covers on WUOG, even if they were on some minor compilation released eons before the band broke, and I believed him because, hey, it was college radio.

Apparently other stations are not the same. We have "Brunch with Bruce" (an hour of mid-day Bruce Springsteen) and other shows featuring The Beatles, any band currently heard on MTV, ect.

Once I finish my "official DJ training", my friend Brian and I are going to get back to our college radio roots. Watch out New Haven!

Fun Fact: The main demographic who listens to the FM station is black women between the ages of 38 and 44. It's #3 in the New Haven market.


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