Monday, January 10, 2005

Come on Andy, gimmie a "D", gimmie an "I", gimmie a "V"...

What a way to start off the semester! Since the university has ignored the grievance we filed on the lack of diversity at Yale last year, we stepped up the pressure at the Provost's office.

First, the Accessibility and Diversity Committee went in to request a meeting with the Provost and to encourage him to hold an open forum on the state of diversity at Yale.

Since Andy refused to come out, we sent in 10 more Federation members (graduate students, undergrads and folks from Local 34 & 35) every 10 minutes until the entire office was filled and overflowing.

Melissa gave a great speech about how women and minorities are kept in the lower labor grades of both academic and other university work, emphasizing that Yale could be a real leader on diversity issues in the academy.

We'll be back!


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