Sunday, January 02, 2005

Ringing in the New Year in NYC

Well, I did miss seeing Regis in all shapes and styles, but New Year's in the Big Apple was fun. Not only did I get to hang out with my college friends, but B! informed us that she's getting married on Tuesday!

Everything on NYE was going pretty well, until I left my fellow late-night partier with some of her friends and headed back to Classon Ave by myself around 4AM, since the rest of our friends had called it a night.

I chatted with some people who were also out-of-towners (from Boston), but then we parted and I traveled the last two blocks by myself. Two guys were standing at the entrance to Abbey and Patrick's apartment and one of them said, "Hey, I want to talk to you," as I hurried past and breathed, "Sorry, I've got to get home." The guy then said, "Those better be your keys. I don't think you live there." To which, I said nothing. Of course, the door wouldn't open, and for the next few minutes I listened to these guys bantering back and forth such statements as "You should just put the money on the sidewalk" and "I'm going to come and throw you off of those stairs."

Finally, I broke down and called Abbey, who graciously let me in. As soon as she started to open the door, the two guys said, "You were lucky this time," and walked away. Lesson: Don't wear a short skirt by yourself at four in the morning. You're only asking for trouble.

The next day Suz had a fab self-catered brunch at her apartment, I went ice-skating in Prospect Park, and there was an AWESOME night of karaoke at iBOP in our own private room! This has been a dream of mine, since I love singing, but am horrible and know it too well to sing in front of complete strangers. With my friends, this is not a problem.


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