Tuesday, February 04, 2003

and kristie said not thinking about it is the answer

striking (ha!) parallel between the unionization effort @ yale and this paragraph from the ny times:

The timing of a Iraq campaign can be viewed on several levels. In strategic terms, the Bush administration has a window for action for the next several years. The administration can be confident of its ability to prevail because it knows that Iraq does not have nuclear weapons, believes the Saddam Hussein regime is brittle and has concluded that much of the Iraqi military is ill-motivated and weak. As the case of North Korea shows, the United States options narrow considerably once a potential adversary is suspected of being a nuclear power. From a strategic standpoint, it is important to confront Iraq before it acquires nuclear weapons. In a sense, Washington has decided to take on the Saddam Hussein now because it can.

If Local 34 and 35 settle their contracts without an official recognition of GESO, their contracts won't be up for another 6 years. If we wait another couple of months, the issue won't get resolved before the end of spring semester and then, bleep, there goes the conflict (no students, no one to clean up after). what the unionites aren't counting on is the fact that Yale does have WMDs (in the form of billions of dollars) and the administration has been saying for years that it will fight any effort to unionize tooth and nail. all we have is our class attendance and paper grading. will this be armaggedon? wait and see. Obviously, weather is not an important factor here, as it is still frigid (i know i have been suffering through winter for too long, when it is a rainy 45 degrees and i am estatic).


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