Thursday, March 13, 2003

sxsw :: day 1

despite the lack of all-access badges, the only thing we missed was jucifer. with all of the athens folk at the kindercore showcase, it felt like college all over again. jet by day has gotten better, maserati and paper lions were as good as always, and and you will know us by the trail of the dead was fucking great (although i feared for the lives of the audience near the stage when the band started throwing cymbals at the end of the set).

best comparison of the evening: and you will know us by the trial of the dead is the austin equivalent of the krush girls (think about it).

there are way too many people. brandon said i will be jaded by hipness at the end of the week, but so far, it's refreshing to see so many people with good taste and cool accessories.


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