Wednesday, April 02, 2003

creek speak :: the showdown

Creek fans, tonight we were in for a special treat. Joey attempts to curb Pacey's sexist businessman ways as his temporary office assistant. Hilarity ensues as jealousy, coffee and short skirts go flying all over the place. Meanwhile, Dawson pitches his autobiographical tale of a young man coming of age, only to see it turned into Sunset Stripped a perverted "American Pie meets Stand By Me". As always, Dawson decides not to sell out and will now ask Pacey for money to make his dream film. Pacey's ability to provide the funds will largely depend on whether or not he is being screwed by his stokebrokering company. The jury's still out on this one.

Jen and her newest beau are on the rocks because she doesn't want to have sex. Grams saves the day by offering up some banal conflict resolution mumbo jumbo. She sure has come a long way from the early episodes where she constantly tried to drag Jen to church. Maybe moving to Boston was good for her. Eddie is back in town, which leads me to...

creek speak :: the predictions

Since most of the actual action on this show is less entertaining than watering one's cactus collection, guessing what will happen next is always a brilliant way to stay hooked. Am I right?

Eddie and Pacey will start some sort of standoff for Joey's affection. In an attempt to remove herself from the battlefield of love, Joey turns to Dawson for help. They then have a very drawn out, emotionally acted dialogue about the course of their relationship over the past six years. In the end, Joey leaves all of them and goes to Paris.

OR In the end, Joey gets together with the English teacher. well, maybe English teacher #1 (the one she kissed).

Jack's sister Andie comes back. She has now become a successful, well-adjusted college student.

OR Jack's sister Andie comes back. She is in rehab out in LA and meets Audrey. They both discover that they were in love with the same man. They break out of rehab and return to Boston to confront Pacey about how he's ruining his life. Although, if Bobby (the boss) has his way, Pacey may be in jail by that point.


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