Saturday, June 28, 2003

people like you make people like me like people like you

so, i walked over to my friend jessica's house this evening, since her phone has died and the only way of getting in touch with her is by foot. she wasn't home, but next door there was this huge outdoor festival filled with the entire italian community of new haven. we had some fried dough, won a framed tweety bird poster and sat on a lawn-chair filled lawn with a bunch of old italian couples. all of these really old guys were up on stage singing melodic italian songs.

i realized that the closest i have come to seeing that many italians in one place is my single viewing of the sopranos. i felt a bit out of place, but nobody seemed to mind too much that i have absolutely no idea who st. andrew is. you could offer a few bucks to his statue if you so desired. it was located next to the dunking booth.

the title of the entry comes from the speech that was given to the old italians by the mayor of wooster square (an old italian himself).


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