Tuesday, June 24, 2003

we love pbr, but why?

like most hip athenians, i spent my college years drinking my fair (ok, probably slightly less than fair) share of pbr. but the branded un-brand-- i had no freakin' idea.

the article describes pbr as a "protest brand", not so much in the socially concious vein of the 60s, but more as a consumer item that doesn't shove marketing down your throat, like say, every single other beer on the planet. wondering why there are no pbr commercials with hipsters at some swanky bar with the notwist playing in the background? the marketers recognize that such tactics won't sell their beer and they fear ashton kutcher backlash aka the if it's on mtv, it ain't hip factor.

looking back, i always thought that a cold peeb just tasted better than the rest of the shit beers out there. but maybe i was wrong. the 75 cent lonestars at transmet were equally thirst-quenching. maybe one of the portland bike messengers said it best, "'but basically, we're going to drink whatever beer costs a dollar.''


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