Wednesday, June 18, 2003

the scaling of mt. greylock

let's just say that yellow sneakers with no socks are not ideal for climbing a mountain. especially the trail that runs up the steepest part of the tallest one in MA. although, reaching the top was quite rewarding, even though i can't walk for more that ten feet across my apartment without collapsing.

so, let's say it was about a quarter to seven when we began our descent (along a less treacherous route). let's also make the observation that the trails on mt. greylock beyond the Appalachian Trail are not the most clearly marked. let's say that i was expecting to

hear the banjo start up any minute

yes folks, i was officially lost on a mountain in the pitch dark in another state last night. luckily, we were able to find humor in the whole affair as we huddled over maps in the dim glow of jeff's cellphone.


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