Tuesday, July 22, 2003

this is the real culture war

so i am at the mall, cruising around, and i notice a few things. all of the jeans in the mall seem to have 2 inch long zippers and ride several inches below my waist. the music is playing so loudly that you can't even hear your friend's response to "what do you think of this". and they stole my fucking t-shirts. all of those retro logos you spend hours coming through goodwill to find, now can belong to you and a million teenagers for only $17.50 (although they still have the cropped sleeve thing going. when will they ever learn).

that's it. i am officially declaring myself an anti-brand warrior. this hijacking of cool has got to stop. and it's so easy. go around, take some pictures, and mass produce. and you get to claim all of the subversive underpinnings of the apparel you're probably having sewn together in vietnam.

obviously, 70s-style t-shirts are not exactly a subversive item. millions of people in the seventies wore them and many of them advertise now-defunct corporations. but it's the oldness. the fact that you can't (until now) purchase that look at the mall that turns it into an almost statement. plus, they're comfy.


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