Thursday, September 25, 2003

support international scholars!

sign the academic visa reform petition.

Since September 11, 2001, tightening visa restrictions, lengthy security checks, special registrations, and other national policy changes have created an increasingly inhospitable climate for international students, post-doctoral scholars, and other academics studying and working in the United States. Such students and scholars often find it difficult to:

* attend academic conferences necessary for advancing their research and professional development

* visit family at home and have family members visit here, leading to long periods of separation from parents, spouses, and children

* continue their studies and research without lengthy interruptions, or the threat of lengthy interruptions, due to delays in the security-check process

* advocate, either individually or collectively, for their own interests - such as fair wages, benefits, and access to teaching and research positions - in a way that might create disagreement or conflict with university authorities

* feel welcome as full and equal members of the academic community in the United States.


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