Monday, January 05, 2004

advertising copy

Appear interested in something. Read this.
Wachovia is the largest bank on the East
Coast. We have Appointment Banking,
which means you can bank when it's
convenient for you. We also have Free
Checking. Really Free Checking. Really.
We believe in making your life easier,
simplier, and freer. Speaking of freer, jot
this down 800-801-0718, and ask us what
else we have that's free. We're not just
about Free Checking and a toll-free
number, you know. Well, you will know,
as soon as you call 800-801-0718.

Wachovia. Uncommon wisdom.

i had to stare at this all the way back from nyc city. who exactly is speaking to me from the great Bank of Wachovia? some guy in a suit? the teller who has to say, "thank you and have a nice day" over & over again? the ATM machine?

and let me tell you what's not free at Wachovia. those damn ATM fees. where they charge me for using someone else's ATM to get my money out of my account. you don't see that on the train ad.


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