Friday, January 02, 2004

the moral of the story...stay healthy

last night i had this really bizarre dream. somehow, i had this arrow that was shot right through my head (like those fake headbands you can wear). i had to rely on the university health services to extract it. needless to say, this involved a lot of waiting.

at first i thought i was going to die, so my mom and i had this entire discussion about whether or not to call the ambulance. then i threw up and shouted, "yes, call the ambulance RIGHT NOW." the external parts of the arrow broke off, so only the central shaft was wedged into my brain.

at the hospital, they finally did an MRI to look at the piece of wood, which involved strapping me this chair that flipped around in a circle (the hospital equipment was far from cutting-edge). they said they needed to check the images and set up and appointment with the neurosurgeon, so i should just come back in a few hours. i thought about going to work, but then i decided that seeing my friends just in case would probably be more important.

later in the dream i was chased by a bear, a panther, and a very large baboon.


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