Sunday, September 26, 2004

An interesting anecdote in the life of the author (as if that's not all this blog is already)

So, this past Friday I went with my friend Brian out to dinner, then over to his house to take in a couple of episodes of Alf, and then on this party. Halfway to the party, I realized that I didn't have my keys in my pocket, so I told Brian I'd have to stop back at his house to retrieve them before going home. After watching some beer pong and eating some cake, it was approaching midnight, so I thought I'd take my exit. Brian wasn't ready to go home, so I borrowed his keys to collect mine.

Back at Brian's apartment, I looked high and low for the keys. Nowhere! Then I went out and saw Brian's green jeep on the street, so I went over to check in there. I tried the key, but it wouldn't work! Then I saw that the windows were rolled down, which was a bit odd. So I tested the door and it opened. I decided to check the backseat and then lock the car for Brian, since he obviously forgot. As I was crawling around in the back of the car (still no keys) I noticed a LOT of doghair. How was Brian's car so dirty, especially since he doesn't own a dog? Suddenly it came to me- I was crawling around in the WRONG CAR. I mean, I've been arrested twice, but breaking and entering is an entirely new ballgame. Although it was more entering than breaking.

I found the correct (locked) car up the street. No keys. Realizing that I must have left them at the restraunt, I walked dejectedly back to the party and watched some more beer pong.


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