Saturday, January 29, 2005

An innocent case of mistaken identity

Lately, I have been rethinking my career direction and consulting folks who do other things. One such person, lets call her Sally*, said I could call and talk to her about working as a campaign researcher. Sally's number is in my cell phone, so I give her a ring one afternoon and she answers all of my questions about how she got into being a researcher, ect. Now, some of the things she said (like being a former Med student) were different than what I knew about her, but hey, she answered to Sally and how many campaign researchers named Sally are there in New Haven?

A few days pass, and I am helping Sally with a report, so I call her cell phone. I explain what I was doing, and after a few minutes, she says, "Oh no, you must mean the other Sally." And I think, holy shit, I spent an hour talking to this woman last week thinking that she was someone else the whole time. Of course, I apologized profusely and thanked her again for helping me. Then I sheepishly called the right Sally.

*Names have been changed for no real reason.


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