Monday, January 10, 2005

Why should scientists care about the creationists?

Yet another Salon article on the Creationism in schools debate. Everytime I read these things I get so angry. I want to dismiss all of these crazy religious wackos and their ability to put intelligent design on the legislation radar. But I can't.

The thing that gets me is that these people clearly have an agenda, and pushing their religion into science education has the potential to wreak havoc on high schools across the nation. We are already lagging in science education compared to other countries.

Its like how the modernists, with all their fancy ideas of running elevated highways through the middle of cities and building superblock "tower in a park" housing projects, destroyed major chunks of our cities. In fifty years, are we going to look back at what we taught our children and go, "Oh, crap!"

As a scientist, it pains me to listen to these people's ideas on science. I know that scientists aren't as respected as they once were, but sheez. It's like they just stereotype us as commie liberals. Hmmm...


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