Tuesday, September 27, 2005

So, I'm not going to have to speak at this thing...right?

So, this morning I get to work, and I get sent to this press conference as the representative for the local. I have no idea what the press conference is about, but I am promised that I will just go stand in the front and look official. So, I grab the union windbreaker that's 5x too big for me and head over to the press conference.

After mingling with some of the other attendees, we get started. The emcee lists the unions present, and first up is... UNITEHERE. And they're like, why don't you go up there and have your picture taken. Then he HANDS ME THE MICROPHONE. So, I'm standing there with this microphone in front of 20 people, and I don't even know what the press conference is about. So, I say a couple of sentences, and then they're like "SO YOU WANT TO SAY ANYTHING ELSE?" And I was like, "No thank you." I am followed by all of these people who make great speeches about New Orleans and organizing the South.

Next time, I am going prepared with some killer ancedotes.


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