Thursday, April 03, 2003

the arrow hits the mark

apartment for next year secured. it is in this old house with a huge tree in front. rooms with large windows, a lot of light and a bar area off of the (absolutely tiny) kitchen. just the right balance of charm and function. i had a brief scare when i discovered that my friend lived in the very same house last year and hated it. apparently he could see his breath in the winter (the landlord controls the heat). however, after a minor freakout, seeing as how i'd already paid the first month's rent, he pointed out that he lived in a studio in the back of the house that wasn't well insulated. the two people who currently reside in my future home didn't have any complaints. hopefully, i can take some pictures, so everyone can see that it's a very me apartment.

groovy power punk

after finding my future home, i set out to Rudy's for a nite o' punk rawk. yes folks, it was the groovy goulies, back for another new haven area performance. my favorite part was when enrique, one of my professors, climbed onto adrian's shoulders and started dancing. man, this is the life.


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