Saturday, April 12, 2003

an evening of movies about sex

for the "sleepover that's not a sleepover" at brian's dorm, we watched secretary and i spit on your grave.

i enjoyed the 80s overtones of secretary (including the casting of james spader) and after a 15 minute lesson about s&m power relationships from arian, i felt like i understood the film.

while secretary could be (in some circles) considered a romantic comedy, i spit on your grave, was definitely not. i don't know, maybe it was the 30 minute rape scene where the victim runs around naked in the woods, trying to escape her attackers. of course, like any good horror film, she seeks revenge and kills the rat bastards. the deaths that followed somehow didn't dampen the shock of the first part of the film (and you thought monster's ball was bad); although, the heroine's saying "suck this bitch" to one of the guy's before chopping him to shreds with the boat motor was classic camp. interesting, although definitely not for the squemish among us.


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