Wednesday, April 09, 2003

odds and ends

i love my three-hole punch.

is it bad when you've asked your pi for the fourth time that day how to do something on the microscope and he's says (smiling) "it's too bad they don't have a good microscopy class here"?

everyone loves a good cup of espresso.

my greatest discovery of the week: the espresso machine in the breakroom. they have the milk, and the little espresso cartridges, and any possible coffee condiment you could ever desire.

today i was making my late afternoon latte and picked up one of the already opened packages from the condiment basket. it smelled a little odd, but i thought, "maybe it's exotic." it came out of the machine a little pale, but i thought, "an aquired taste, like caviar". i poured it into my steamed milk and thought, "this is disgusting".

lesson of the day: watch out for bullion cubes masquerading as espresso.


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