Sunday, March 07, 2004

choice bits

let's just say that i relived some key pre-senior prom moments yesterday. there we were, at the milford mall, eating food court pretzels and shopping at forever21 with all of the newly pubescent 13 year olds.

at windsor i pranced around in a rainbow colored dress. one women followed me around the store because she was "dying to see someone try it on", while some girl commented that it "looked better in the magazine". i think she meant the dress.

...from bad clothes to bad hair

we caught the dresden dolls at the space, which reminded me of that coffee shop/computer repair store on baxter whose name escapes me, only with more teenagers and less books. the dolls commented that their show in providence the previous night was a bit different, what with the crowd surfing and all. maybe in a sarah mclachlan "we float on the water" kind of way? download some MP3s and decide for yourselves.

luckily, we arrived a bit late, but not late enough, because we were still subjected to a few songs by the "operatically trained" AwRY and one of the worst covers of "when doves cry" that i have ever heard. at least she and a couple of the oddly dressed teenagers were into it. let me add that there was a mini drum machine on the Prince number. and that ms. AwRY prefaced the song with "i hope there will be a few more prince fans out there by the end of this". fat chance lady. i hate to be critical, but i can understand why ms. AwRY was pushing her cds so hard at the end of the set. if this is her only job, she probably doesn't have enough cash for the bus fare back to new york.

...a youthful experiment? please, just not with the wardrobe

after my excursion into the underworld of teenage socializing, i have compiled a short list of things my kid(s) will not be allowed to do to their person(s):

1. dye only half their hair some bright color (1/2 hot pink 1/2 black is NOT flattering people. all hot pink or nothing at all).

2. get hair extensions made out of something other than hair (yarn would be an example that springs to mind).


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