Thursday, March 04, 2004

who taught celine dion to dance?

in case you missed last week's episode of ANTM, i bring you another laugh-inducing caustic snippet from televisionwithoutpity.

Tyra Mail! All we're told is that the girls are going to need "a lot of energy" today (good thing all of that logged lupus footage has already been resolved, am I right...whichever one of you girls had the two-episode case of lupus?), and we cut to them entering a dance studio and meeting a Tony Michaels, who we're told is "a choreographer." Well, then, Dancing Queen...let's do the starfuck again! "I've worked with J.Lo, I've worked with Céline Dion, I've worked with Prince. The list goes on and on." It does? Do you think later in the list, then, you might remember some of the actual dancers? What moves did you lay on Céline Dion, because I wasn't aware that the clenched fist, when moved from heart to air in a forty-five degree angle constituted a dance move. Got a name for it? The "French Twist," perhaps? No? Then how about the "French-Canadian Twist"? Better?


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