Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Cheney v. Edwards: International Death Match Style

Whew, that debate was H-O-T-T! Well, except that Cheney is the most monotone public speaker ever. And a snake. Cheney was all facts (whether true or not), while Edwards was all rhetoric (didn't we already hear that phrase last thursday?) and personal anecdotes. Both of them called each other liars for about half the debate and avoided answering the questions posed by the moderator for the other half. I felt like barfing through the whole foreign policy part, but I thought Edwards handeled himself better on the domestic stuff.

The thing that bothers me is that Kerry and Edwards don't contextualize these grand plans they have on the major issues (healthcare, the war, the economy, ect.). I want some up front facts and more concrete examples of addressing the problems. It seems that Edwards could have spent a bit less time with the "we have a plan" rhetoric and actually jumped straight to the plan. Maybe Kerry can improve in the next round.

The Soccer Mom Assessment:
Foreign Policy: Cheney
Domestic Issues: Draw
Closing Statements: Edwards


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