Thursday, November 11, 2004

Today I listened to Allan Heinberg, a writer/exec-producer for The OC talk about his career in tv writing. He said that Fox was looking for "the next 90210", so they had this whole beach show with bikinis, sex, drugs, and cars. But the Trojan horse of it all was that the show is actually about a normal, sane Jewish family stuck inside the circus of the next 90210. He also wrote for various seasons of Party of Five, Sex in the City, and the Gilmore Girls. Being in the room with the guy who was responsible for making me laugh and cry for a large chunk of my primetime tv viewing hours was pretty wierd. I was like, this guy wrote some of those cute mother-daughter Gilmore moments that me and my mom fawned over? But hey, he was pretty funny. And a damn good storyteller.


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