Friday, December 10, 2004

An open-access cop-out

The NIH had annouced its new policy regarding open access publishing. There was a public comment period where people could send in their thoughts whether or not the NIH should require depositing of articles on the research it funds into a publis database.

A compromise window of 6 months following publication was decided. Now, it is only a "recommendation" not a requirement that scientists and the journals in which they publish release this information in order that "grantees or smaller or not-for-profit publishers will [not] be harmed." Oh, were those the journals that got Neuroscience Conference participants to write in the NIH. Or was it the publishing giant Elsevier?

Scientists really need to get organized around this issue. We all live in a "publish or perish" world, and these for-profit journals know this. I am so disappointed in the NIH for not adopting a stronger position.


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