Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tell CNL to settle the Claremont Labor Dispute!

The workers at the Claremont Resort & Spa have been struggling to win a fair contract for over 4 years. Workers at the spa have also been trying to organize and have faced a hostile anti-union campaign from the hotel.

Take a minute to send a free fax to the CNL Hospitality CEO (the hotel's owner) urging him to settle the labor dispute.


Anonymous brian said...

so, are people who work for a union unionized themselves? and does this create a paradox so great that it will inevitably swallow the entire world? riddle me this, mary catherine! also, take that picture off your friendster profile. i look like a troll in it.

9/28/2005 2:15 PM  
Blogger mcplunk said...

Yes, the union staff is in FOUR, although I don't know much about it yet. We do joke about it. We have a contract & everything.

I like that picture of me on friendster! maybe i'll chop you out b/c we're no longer BFF.

9/28/2005 10:40 PM  

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