Monday, June 28, 2004

Well, you have probably noticed that things are a bit slow over here at mcplunk. It's been a slow news week.

My two cents on Fahrenheit 911

As a person who had mixed feelings about Bowling for Colombine, I found Fahrenheit 911 to be a lot more effective. Michael Moore seems to succeed more in making his point when he sticks to a very narrow message and spends his time building up stories around that message. Of course, this could be my predisposition to see the "gun violence" question as "complicated" and the "Bush is a corrupt idiot" question to be, well, less complex.

The editing and use of music was also very smart, especially the parts in Iraq, as was the handling of sensitive stuff like 9/11. I was shocked that Michael Moore could be that subtle. Even the reading of the Patriot Act came off better than the "take the paralyzed kid to the bullet manufacturer" bit in Bowling for Colombine. The whole thing read as a very smooth, well put-together anti-bush campaign commercial, which didn't seem particularly controversial.

Of course, my mom said that a lot of stuff in there "wasn't true" according to the Atlanta Journal. I conveniently forgot to ask what my dad thought about it.


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