Friday, July 30, 2004

Yet another Bush Controvery

So, I got up WAY too early this morning and caught a cab to the train station. I knew I was in for a long 5 minute cab ride when the driver said something about Plains, GA and I said I had never heard of it and he said why, it's the birthplace of jimmy carter. that was part of his southern charm, but we'd had enough of that by the time you were born. Woah. The last three minutes of the cab ride were spent on an in depth story about the controversy surrounding GW Bush's birth. Was he living on Edwards St or Hillhouse as a newborn? The story ended on a high note-- apparently Bush was born on Nancy Reagan's birthday. Or something like that. According to the cabbie, a woman cried upon hearing that story one day. I just mumbled something polite and tried to not fall asleep on my way to the train.


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