Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I wonder if Disney is kicking themselves over the lost revenue from not releasing Fahrenheit 911? Or did they end up releasing it after all?

Practically everyone I've seen recently has already watched it (ok, so this is a pretty small and highly liberal sample size). The postdoc in the lab over from mine was talking about how he "learned a lot from the film". This was after he told me about how he likes French people because of their greeting system. He reasoned that since everyone kisses each other on the cheek, then you're not confused about how to say goodbye to the girl at the end of the night. I decided not to broach the concept of "french kissing" with him.

This same postdoc told me last week that 1) America was not a religious country and 2) the English act very imperialistic due to their colonial past. Since the French weren't a colonial power, they didn't have that problem. I coughed a few times and asked, "Umm, what about Africa, or Southeast Asia? Didn't France have a ton colonies?" I am a bit worried about this particular postdoc.


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