Monday, August 09, 2004

Apologies for another long period with no posts. Vacationing in South Georgia doesn't yield a ton of options w/r/t internet access. There is pretty much either the overpriced computer repair center or the local library where you can sign up on a list for an appointment 4 hours later. I opted for the second, so K. and I took in some local minigolf during our marathon wait. What happened to the days of garish mingolf obstacles? Those crazy looking plastic clowns and pirate chests that I loved as a kid have been replaced with red bricks and astroturf covered bumps. Yet another indication that St. Simon's is getting too shishi too fast.

On our way back through Perry, GA we saw some fine citizens protesting the visit of govenor Sonny Perdue. Not only were they waving their little ole former GA state flags in the air, but they were sponsoring a fish fry as well. Very different than most of the protests we catch up in New Haven.


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