Thursday, February 17, 2005

Waiting for Levin (again!)

Scientists Are Hot!
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Well, another month, another administrator. Since Provost Hamilton was apparently "too busy" to meet with us at the beginning of school, we decided to take the issue to President Levin. The protesting scientists wore lab coats, since we don't stand out enough already as uber-geeks.

Unfortunately, Levin was out of town. But we had some awesome speeches and left him a letter. I was really annoyed because Yale's self-appointed envoy (since Levin & Linda Lorimer were OOT) talked on her cell phone the entire time and didn't seem to listen to our issues. We truck all the way up to the Betts House to try and engage the Administration in dialogue and the women blatantly ignores us.

I think Dana said it best in pointing out that the Administration should be excited that Yale students care so much about the fate of our professions and the academy. We should be an Administrator's wet dream.

Oh, but wait. They don't actually want to listen to us. They just want to quitly administrate us to death, until we forget what change feels like. How could I forget.


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