Monday, February 21, 2005

Not so progressive "progressive" companies are lame

If you live in a hip city filled with 20-somethings who are all in bands and wear low-slung jeans, you may have seen the new clothing behemoth american apparel. The gimmick behind this oh-so-hip institution? All of their clothes are "sweatshop free".

Now we come to the question- what exactly does sweatshop free mean? I guess if it means intimidating the shit out of your workers so they give up all hope of bargaining collectively, then american apparel fits the bill.

Look people, if you want to say that you're a progressive company, it's not enough to cater to the yuppies of america, you gotta look out for the rights of your workers. And yes, that does mean accepting their right to organize and form a union.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love whole foods, but i hate american apparel.

this has nothing to do with unions, as i don't like them much either.

american apparel = McHipster

10/06/2005 9:34 AM  

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