Monday, February 28, 2005

Keyword: Diversity

Yet another fab story on the nightly news. Maybe I am liking the local news after all. Here's my favorite part:

Students at Yale University want its president, Richard Levin, to decry what was said at Harvard as have presidents from Stamford, MIT and Princeton.

So far no comment from Levin. We were told he was unavailable for an interview.

More than 100 women scientists at Yale signed a petition to push for more policies that would make Yale a leader in the promotion of women.

No comment from Levin on that either.

Keep on going Levin! Alienate the media!

In other news, here's the big nytimes article on GESO's ivy league diversity report (synopsis: it's still run by white guys).

Also, Ben & Shannon had letters in the YDN last week.

Finally, Jen dumped John-Paul and Jerry in the season finale of The Bachelorette. How many TV shows do you need about yourself before you find love? Maybe Jen will show up on the Surreal Life in a few episodes.


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